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Small desert town, Southern California 1979.

Fresh out of rehab, Adela Quesada reconnects with her only friend, Linda.

Linda's violently murdered and no one cares because of her history of drug use. Heartbroken Adela vows to find the killer.

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Screenplay Awards and Labs

ScriptLab at Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

NewDraft Screenplay Competition & Reading Series, finalist

National Association of Latino Producers’ Latino Writer’s Lab

Great Gay Screenplay Contest semi-finalist

Women’s Work Screenplay Contest, semi-finalist

Ninth Street IFC Media Arts Incubator Program

Looking for funding if interested please contact me below or send funds via paypal or venmo.  

funds received from 

Poster graphic by Domenico Delgado

Producer: Susan Shay

AD:  Michelle Miguelez

Casting: Tina D'Elia



Both accounts have Mary Guzmán’s name on them - reach out  if you need the code to make a Venmo payment.

Lost Dog

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